Julian for the Nobel?

Nobel peace prize winner to be revealed

Possible candidates include Arab spring bloggers, Russian rights activists – and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

They\’ve picked some pretty strange people in the past. But no, at least I hope not, not as strange as Julian.

Should be Mitt Romney….not done anything as yet but then they do seem to like American politicians who\’ve not done anything…

6 thoughts on “Julian for the Nobel?”

  1. Arab Spring – possibly, but bloggers?

    I’m not sure that the Norwegians would tweek the Swedes noses in such an unpleasant way, as Harding himself does point out, by nominating a fugitive from rape allegations.

  2. Congratulations to von rumpy and barroso

    Europe is now an oasis of peace

    They should call it the nobel (taking the) piss prize

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