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European Union Peace Prize: Nobel Committee Jumps The Shark

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  1. Tim, your first point is wildly unfair. You quote this

    The Nobel Peace Prize 2012 was awarded to European Union (EU) “for over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe”

    And point out rightly that the European Union has existed only since 1993. But check the quotation marks in that: the first few words are not exactly what was said.

    The actual announcement said:

    The Union and its forerunners have over six decades…

    Tim adds: I took my quote directly from the Nobel site itself…..

  2. Paul B

    True enough, but the main points stand – it is a gratuitous insult to the people of Yugoslavia especially. Lest we forget Czechoslovakia and Hungary, whose uprisings were savagely put down despite the potentially harsh censure of the Brussels clipboard-wielders.

    Very surprised is an understatement. I wasn’t aware the Norwegians were famed for their sense of humour! I can only assume this is a veiled piece of comedy, mocking the coming civil unrest and collapse of the Eurozone, and contrasting Norway sitting pretty !

  3. Does anyone else think it outrageous that Barack Obama did not win the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize?

    When, O when, will this accomplished leader finally be granted the recognition and respect he deserves for his contributions to peace all over the world??

    Who knew the Nobel Committee is a pack of racists?

  4. An unelected organisation, an unelected President, uncertified accounts, and legal control over our lives is ‘advancing democracy?’

    Beyond parody.

  5. Van_Patten:

    The snub to Czechoslovakia was 20 years ago. Vaclav Klaus and Vladimir Meciar deserved the award for their peaceful breakup of the country, but it’s not something the bien pensants wanted, so the committee awarded the prize that year to… Rigoberta Menchu!

  6. If one sees the EU and its forerunners as a mechanism to allow Germany to pay for the privilege of running Europe, instead of having to impose its rule by armed force, then it has indeed been successful in keeping the peace.

    And we’re talking about a prize which has in the past been awarded to such doves as Yasser Arafat, Menachim Begin, and Henry Kissinger. And also to Barack Obama, for not being George W Bush. No one can accuse the prize committee of being habitually over-fastidious.

  7. Ted S

    I agree the liar Menchu being awarded the prize then was a disgrace. I was referring in this instance to the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, which I’m sure the Czechs (and Slovaks) recall being a wonderful example of ‘Peace in Europe’.

  8. Perhaps this is the Nobel Taking-the-piss Prize.

    My cynicism in that “august” institute started to grow when Al Gore won his (for chemistry, if I remember rightly, on the back of his POLITICAL work. Odd, that…).

  9. Tim. your excellent fisk leaves “reconciliation” open. Considering the size and nature of the demos against Angela Merkel’s visit to Greece the other day, you may have been a tad generous to leave even that loophole available.

    When I read the news, I laughed. The EU is now finally doomed.

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