Mr. Barroso is a lying cunt

Mr Barroso said the legal requirements and conditions had been met and he did not believe the tax would undermine the single market if it were imposed across limited parts of the European Union. “I am delighted to see that 10 member states have indicated their willingness to participate in a common financial transaction tax,” he said. “This tax can raise billions of euros of much-needed revenue for member states in these difficult times.”

Your own fucking analysis paper shows that total revenue will fall you miserable lying little shit of a cunt.

Proof here.

Hang them all.

18 thoughts on “Mr. Barroso is a lying cunt”

  1. I thought the eurocrats’ idea was that any such revenue (noting that there would be revenue from this tax, it is total revenue that would fall) would be accrued directly to the gravy train, bypassing such petty inconveniences as the elected governments of the member countries?

  2. Logic tells us that if a tax is imposed only across parts of a state, business will flow to those parts where it is not. Hence the single market must be affected.

    What’s the Portuguese for “lying through his teeth”?

  3. As a Londoner, I am delighted at the prospect of an FTT being imposed on some of the other countries of the EU.

    Just so long as it is not imposed on London.

  4. I refuse to swear on blogs (I do so profusely and according to observers, with imagination and venom, in person, face-to-face and whenever I hit my thumb with a hammer).

    But, Tim, you hit the nail on the head with your title.

    He is a venal, egotistical, lying, arrogant central planner (and that is meant as an insult) of the worst sort.

  5. “This tax can raise billions of euros of much-needed revenue for member states in these difficult times”

    Goes direct to the EU doesn’t it? Hence not to member countries. In fact, it is money extracted FROM member countries.

    So the precise opposite of what he claims.

  6. For myself I am perfectly happy with Mr. Barroso introducing the FTT across 10 countries excluding the UK as it means that those forced out of France by penal tax rates will have one more plus point towards bringing their business, personal wealth and personal spending to countries outside the FTT-zone.

    The thieving, lying, Marxist cunt is overjoyed that he has instituted a new tax in 10 countries that will go directly towards the EU’s bottom line.

    Why should he give a fuck about the poor payers of this tax, they aren’t part of his Demos, they have no power to appoint or dismiss Barroso, so they can go fuck themselves, why should he care?

    It is for exactly this reason that the EU should be visited with utter ruination and as with ancient Carthage the lands where it’s burned and demolished institutions stood should be salted and turned that nothing should grow on such tainted ground.

  7. Later analyses than the one Tim indirectly cites predicted a much smaller negative impact on GDP. Add in the effects of offsetting tax cuts and we might see a GDP gain.

    Rob: whereas the FTT as proposed last year was to go directly to the EU, the current proposal is different. Otherwise no one would have agreed to it.

    The current proposal seems OK to me. Let’s try out the FTT in countries where they want it and see what the effects are.

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