Nice line

If you don’t become seriously anti-poverty when Jesus tells you, I’m not sure David Frum makes much of a difference.

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  1. And in case Arnald raises his head from his worship of Ritchie to point out that reporting is not taxation (err, yes), can I just re-iterate the Murphmeister’s point you quoted:

    With this single accounting measure, countries, rich and poor, will be able to call multinational companies to account at last.

    Countries could tax the companies properly.

    Murphy directly links the reporting to the ability of countries to calculate and exact taxation … It isn’t just the equivalent of the “corporate social responsibility” section of the annual report.

  2. Are you trying to say, SE, that if we won’t tax companies properly when Jesus told us to (I think it was his 31AD manifesto), we’re not likely to start doing it because a twat like Murphy tells us to?

  3. So Much for Subtlety

    Just as a side note, does Jesus tell us to be anti-poverty? The only thing I can remember him telling us off hand is that the poor will always be with us and so we should spend money on Him (that is, the Church) and not on them.

    And when He did offer suggestions on the subject, it was mostly of the unhelpful type. Not that we should encourage economic growth and the improvement of human capital, but handing out free food. You know, giving a man a fish rather than teaching him how to cast a net. That sort of thing. Very unhelpful.

    Finally, in passing, isn’t Frum Jewish? So not only is this a little insensitive, but perhaps the two are talking to two separate markets. The sort of people Frum might convince may be the sort of people who don’t give a damn what Jesus had to say. About a whole lot of things.

  4. SMFS: Yes, Frum is Jewish. So, I guess, is Chris Blattman. And so was Jesus. I’m not sure how this is relevant.

    Jesus reportedly told us on several occasions to give to the poor. Of course, his advice may have been misguided, but Blattman’s point is that the pro-life religious conservative movement does think that Jesus was the messiah.

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