Not a gentleman, certainly

on Thursday a whistleblower told The Daily Telegraph that a senior manager at the trust had openly complained about Savile “touching up” nurses but said it was “tolerated” because of his fund-raising.

This isn\’t paedophilia either though.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Does the gentleman bit refer to Savile or the manager?

    Any manager who allows his nurses to be felt up against their will because of some fund raising deserves a horse whipping. But I don’t see it is much of a crime for Savile to have done so.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Surreptitious Evil – “It’s coming to look like common-or-garden sexual predator. Not specifically attracted to anything other than vulnerability – in the ‘probably can’t complain’ sense.”

    I don’t know what the “it” is, but the story so far seems to look more like a hysterical beat up to me. There is a strong lack of any specific or particularly damaging allegations so far.

    3Surreptitious Evil – “Ungentlemanly, as our host points out and, without consent, a crime. Although lesser a one than rape.”

    I didn’t say it wasn’t a crime. Just not much of one. I find it hard to believe any police force wouldn’t have better things to do with its time. Bill Clinton liked to put his hand on women. The upper arm usually. You can see him doing it any number of times. If he was a creepy weirdo as Savile was, no doubt many women would have complained. And no doubt it would have been a crime. But I don’t see it is worth prosecuting anyone over.

    Nor do I think this present fuss shows the British at anything except their most vile. It would have been better if these accusations had been made while the creep was alive.

  3. Lets not forget that Savill did a hell of a lot for charity including Stoke Mandeville hospital. And his TV show made a lot of peoples dreams come true. He may have been a groper who wanted sex with attractive teenage girls in his orbit(not little children–however much the feminazis want to infantilize young women and replace what choices they might make, right or wrong with the orders of the puritan state) but no real evidence has been presented that he forced himself violently on anyone or fiddled with any small children.

  4. Last time I looked, setting up women to be fondled by strangers for payment was called pimping.

    Is it still illegal?

  5. As I understand it, many senior MPs on both sides are (still) widely regarded as Not Safe in Taxis as they used to say….goes with the territory I guess

  6. A colourful tale.

    So Saville is now an omni-sexual pedo is he?. It won’t be long now before Satan makes an appearance in these stories.

    Also–the boy runs away to London and ends up at random in a pedo’s flat–then the boys uncle Jimmy Saville arrives at the flat–not looking for the boy–but just as a co-incidence–quite a large one. At this distence proof is prob impossible one way or the other–good for accusers–not so for Savilles friends/relatives.

  7. But the accuser *is* one of his relatives. (Not saying this story must be true. Maybe it’s cobblers. But I’d be a bit hesitant about so boldly declaring that Saville only ever engaged in a bit of slap-and-tickle with consenting adults or near adults.)

    “no real evidence has been presented that he forced himself violently on anyone”

    Quite a few stories are saying just this.

  8. Saying things is easy.

    Any celeb accused in the way Saville has will have every weirdo going emerging from the woodwork to claim God-knows-What. At this distance in time proof will prob be impossible.
    I know the accuser is one of his relatives.So what.?Most murder victims are done in by their relatives.

  9. Sure. But most of the accusations that are coming out are looking horribly credible despite all that (and despite the obvious modern self-righteousness and victim-playing involved). The line that he was just an amorous scamp is looking pretty shaky.

  10. Fred:

    On what basis?. The numbers involved?

    The Home Office itself estimates that 35% of rape claims are false.In theory at least , rape is a much heavier accusation to make than “I was groped” What is the falsehood rate likely to be in the matter of a groping celeb who must have met tens of thousands of young women in his career? How of the women he met are flakes or gold diggers or celeb freaks who will do anything to have a connection with fame and celebrity even a connection as awful as a claim of rape and or sexual assault.

    Why am I so keen that Saville is not trampled by the mob?. Because this attack on him is a feminazi inspired attack on all men everywhere, not just in this country but anywhere that the “example” of Savilles “crimes” can be used by the femmis to show the iniquity of men and the need for more and more laws to control that “wickedness”. We all are in the firing line not just a dead DJ.

  11. “Why am I so keen that Saville is not trampled by the mob? Because this attack on him is a feminazi inspired attack on all men everywhere”

    That just makes it look as if you’re going to ignore the facts of this particular case for your own political purposes. You’re going to declare that the nurses and patients who said he molested patients who couldn’t do anything to stop him must all liars simply because it suits your theory. That’s going to help men how?

    Did his ex-driver make up his story too? How about Wilfred De’ath, the BBC producer, who had to warn Saville after he had spent the night in a hotel with a girl aged 10-12? Or the BBC chauffeur who drove home a girl of 12 who was hysterical because she had been attacked by him?

    I share your concerns about feminazis, but using Saville as your means of fighting back is crazy.

  12. The Home Office itself estimates that 35% of rape claims are false

    No it doesn’t. Here‘s a Home Office report “There were 216 cases classified as false allegations: as a proportion of all 2,643 cases reported to the police this amounts to 8 per cent”. The report goes on to cast doubt on whether the police classifications can be relied on “If the proportion of false complaints on the basis of the probable and possible cases are recalculated, rates of three per cent are obtained”

  13. People can say lots of things.

    “using Saville as your means of fighting back is crazy” –no crazier than allowing a howling mob to run a trial by media.

    I take your point but when I look at the accounts in the press and they are not impressive evidence.
    His driver has dementia so the tale of 12 year old girls at Savilles caravan is told second hand by his wife. Was she paid for the story?. How did the driver know the girls were 12 and not 15? The article says he left in disgust after 12 months. Why did he stay that long if vile acts were being done?. It was a lot easier to get another job in the 60s than it is now.

    The article with De’ath says he “knew for a fact” about the 12 year old girl and the hotel. How–even without naming names-does he know?. The rest of that article is all vague innuendo as wel

    It would be best for a true and unbiased investigation but that is unlikely now.

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