Now seriously folks, about Apple

Who really thought it was a good idea to take someone from PC World to run Apple retail?

PC World UK that is?

6 thoughts on “Now seriously folks, about Apple”

  1. I thought it made complete sense for a brand renowned for screwing its customers to employ someone who successfully ran a chain of shops renowned for screwing its customers.

  2. Overly harsh, Dave. Up until about a year ago I found Apple store people pretty helpful, moderately knowledgeable, not pressuring me to buy stuff I didn’t want or need. Had some good service for in- and out-warranty repairs. More recently… not so much.

    PC World – sure, I’d rather stick my fingers in the mains.

  3. I find PC World amazing. They have these vast out-of-town stores with about 10 units of floor space per unit of display. It’s like running a corner shop in a warehouse.

  4. I’ll run yer shop for 35 million quid instead of 36. There you go – instant cost saving.

    What do these retail wonks actually do?

  5. @james^2
    Got that dead right.
    Can well remember taking a Firewire cable to the checkout at PissyWorld. The resulting sensation was remarkably similar to being mugged.

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