Now why could this be Guardianistas?

Why is there only one working mum in elite football?

Tough problem. The answer?

Chapman said at the time that she could no longer balance the time and travel demands of international football with her commitments to her two small sons. The family had recently returned from the United States after a season when she played for Chicago, and she felt that, after so many changes, she needed to be with her children more – and that would necessitate a retirement from international football.

Ah, this thing called choice, eh?

1 thought on “Now why could this be Guardianistas?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Sexism innit?

    We obviously need to raise income tax another ten pennies in the pound to pay for top quality child care for all the working mothers in the UK so that they can swan off to LA if they want to pursue their pet hobbies.

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