Oh yes, very good indeed

Someone has indeed caught something of the essence.

Murphy Richards.

7 thoughts on “Oh yes, very good indeed”

  1. I put out an #ff on this as soon as someone retweeted him! In short order you should find yourself added to his list ‘Neo-Liberal types’ – it is one of the best and most accurate shadow accounts I have found…

  2. Real Ritchie tweeted that there’s no need to repay public debt because demand always exceeds supply. Hat tip David Thomson.

    Baby Jesus is currently weeping as a result of that tweet.

  3. Fred

    Currently there is an extensive debate going on in the economics blogosphere on the subject of future repayment of public debt. Participants: Dean Baker, Nick Rowe, Brad Delong, Paul Krugman, Noah Smith and Simon Wren-Lewis (I may have missed someone). Of course Ritchie knows more macro than any of these, doesn’t he?

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