On the merits of a libertarian Somalia

No, agreed, it\’s not a form of libertarian society that I would want to live in. As many Somalis also do not want to live in it. But there are still interesting and useful things that even The Guardian finds it necessary to point out:

In conflict-riven Somalia, for example, fierce unregulated competition has made mobiles affordable and prevalent, whereas internet penetration stands at 1.14% of the population.

\”Fierce unregulated competition\” apparently has its uses……

3 thoughts on “On the merits of a libertarian Somalia”

  1. “It is true that the post-colonial rulers ruined the country, but under the colonial state Somalia was prety nice. Mogadishu was a lovely, peaceful, modern city with a high reputable police force. If we were trying to be empirical, and drawing conclusions from the data observed from Somalia’s history, we would conclude that left-wing, revolutionary tyranny is very, very, very, very bad, that anarchy is very, very bad, and that colonialism moderated by modern ethical standards and the watchful eye of the global community was pretty decent. If the history of Somalia is the best example for anarchy, well, then I rest my case.”

  2. To be fair, I suspect mobile phone penetration is no better in Somalia than anywhere else in Africa. Certainly in Nigeria, I have not come across a single soul – including the bloke who appears to live on the branch of a tree near where I park my car – who does not have a mobile phone. Everyone does, without exception.

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