PMT doesn\’t exist!

Have to say I\’m sceptical.

Scientists analysed existing studies about the syndrome to establish whether there was enough evidence to link mood swings with the premenstrual cycle.

The majority of the studies, dating from 1971 to 2007, found that there was no proof that a woman\’s mood fluctuates over the course of the month.

However, assume they\’re right.

That does mean that the screaming harridan is simply a screaming harridan not someone unfairly afflicted by her hormones.

10 thoughts on “PMT doesn\’t exist!”

  1. “Excuse me madam, are you angry and abusive because you’re menstruating?”

    “How FUCKING dare you!! you chauvinistic bastard!! Of course it’s not.. *Boooo Hooo Hoooo*”

    “I’ll put that down as a ‘No’.”

  2. “The majority of studies” “found no proof” – which is not the same as “no evidence”.
    “almost 40 per cent could not establish a link between mood and the premenstrual cycle.”
    So “almost 40%” is “the majority” to a Grauniad writer 15% found “proof”, 9% found evidence against.
    Just from reading the Grauniad piece below the headline I should be sceptical, if I wasn’t already.
    It is generally accepted that that manic-depressives have mood swings. So, if I was asked for an opinion based on the evidence described in the article I should conclude that some women have mood swings due to PMT, some have mood swings unrelated to PMT, some have both. But then I am not a woman writing in a journal of “Gender Medicine” so I don’t have to twist the facts to produce a politically correct conclusion.

  3. What the lead author <a href=""actually says:

    “I do believe that PMDD exists,” Dr. Romans told me. “I think we still don’t know the prevalence. There was a good study recently that measured the prevalence rate down from 3-9 percent to around 1.5 percent.”

    (PMDD is “premenstrual dysphoric disorder”)

    She’s not saying that it doesn’t exist. She’s saying that it’s much less common than some people may suppose. john77 owes her an apology.

  4. Couple of things – there seems to be a temporal link between the menstrual cycle and the phases of the moon.

    There is also a link between mental instability and the phases of the moon. Sounds crazy? Ask any nurse working on the psychiatric wing.

    MInd you there is a theory that there is a male menopause – theoretically linked with looking for a piece of arm candy……

  5. @ PaulB
    According to you, she is saying something closer to what I was saying than the Grauniad article.
    So why do *I* owe her an apology? .
    If you are correct then *Lucy Kinder* owes ALL of us an apology.
    Your reference includes the notion that Saturnalia was only one day.
    Forty or more years ago PMT meant “post-menstrual tension”, when women were suffering actual pain as well as blood loss, then fashion changed and it became pre-menstrual tension as they suffered psychological trauma anticipating the pain. Now someone says that there isn’t enough evidence to prove that PMD is solely pre- or solely post- It is presumably not PC to say it might be a combination.
    I am male so I cannot pronounce on PMT but I *can*say that the Grauniad article contradicts the headline and that my wife (who knows more about it than your or I) believes that PMT is real

  6. john77: without reading her work, you accused her of twisting the facts to produce a politically correct conclusion. Hence, *you* owe her an apology. If you read a stupid article and proceed to slag someone off on the basis of the stupid article, that’s still entirely your fault, both in defamation law and morally.

  7. @ john b
    Admittedly I failed to assume that the Grauniad was grossly misrepresenting someone it held up as an example, which was foolish of me but …
    Following PaulB’s post I read the article to which he linked in which the lady is quoted making a series of PC statements that are not supported by the evidence to which she refers in the preceding few sentences in the article. Such as ” the whole PMS notion serves to keep women non-irritable, sweet, and compliant the rest of the time”. An overall majority of the studies reviewed showed evidence of PMT but this is dismissed because “it’s actually perimenstrual”.

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