Quite astonishing

Man who rejects orthodox economics cannot get job in orthodox economics department.

Whatever will the Neoclassical hegemony think of next?

6 thoughts on “Quite astonishing”

  1. Not quite.
    Man who spends his life attacking “Neoclassical economics” *thinks* that he could not get a job if he applied *so does not try*.
    The reason that he thinks he cannot get a professorship is because he hasn’t been able to get any peer-reviewed articles published in leading economic journals.
    How many professorships have you applied for, Tim?

  2. Ho hum. Given that Macroeconomics may be largely bollocks, why would conventional macroeconomists risk having an Emperor’s-new-clothes man amongst them? Some rich cove should endow a Chair for Keen preferably on the banks of the Cam. Cambridge Economics could certainly do with a brisk kick up the chuff.

  3. @ Richard Allan
    All that Minnesota has done is to point out that an existing law requires those institutions that want to offer education to Minnesota residents to register with the ste department of education. MRU are trumpeting this as a ban and censorship (and probably eating babies, as well).
    Guess what – in the UK you need to get a licence to sell alcoholic beverages. Is that oppression of “Marinal Revolution University” who cannot sell us American champagne or whiskey (with a e) on-line?

  4. I think that Steve Keen acknowledges Wynne Godley – of the hilariously-wrong forecasts of the 1970s and 80s – as a teacher. Godley had a Chair at Cambridge and died recently, without giving us any more hilariously wrong forecasts. Has the Chair passsed to someone more likely to be considered rational or is it still free for Keen to apply to?

  5. Whinge Awfully did, however, forecast the Great Financial Crisis. Again and again, I dare say, until finally he proved right: but it still left him righter than the mob of standard issue economists.

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