Ritchie on Apple\’s hedge fund

My word, isn\’t this just appalling!

Look at that last one: even the IRS can’t find out what’s happening in Nevada!

So, the nub of it is that if Braeburn keeps its cash out of the US and manages it from Nevada its tax bill on $117 billion or more of cash may be $200. It could be more, but it need not be.

It makes me hate the Apple I’m writing this on.

Why can’t a great company have great ethics? Because right now Apple stinks.

Good Lord!

And then someone has the bright idea of going and looking at Apple\’s accounts.

And on page 55 we see what the dosh is invested in. And earlier we see what the split between invested overseas and invested in the US is.

You know, this idea that a company\’s accounts are in its accounts?

18 thoughts on “Ritchie on Apple\’s hedge fund”

  1. Henry Crun #1/

    No -what he’s suggesting is that all Apple Capital, indeed everything it possesses, is the property more properly of the ‘Courageous State’ which was responsible for its creation. As his numerous defenders point out , ths bears no relation to any form of communist state -really.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Shorter Ritchie – Apple makes me do something above my competence level, to be exact, look up some corporate accounts. Therefore Apple is evil.

  3. @Stuck-Record

    Indeed, Apple tax avoids and should return their production to the US according to Ritchie – but he still buys the product. iMac, iPad and MacBook Air and I guess bought by TRUK out of pre-tax income. (Not that he can use them as all the images on his websites are screenshots!).

    He also uses MS Office, but shouts down MS for tax avoidance.

    He and TJN also make extensive use of YouTube’s bandwidth so they don’t have to pay for it themselves, while also criticising Google’s tax avoidance. Well Ritchie, pay for your own bandwidth then! Ritchie also uses Gmail. Nice and free.

  4. Some are born inane; some achieve inanity; others run eagerly and repeatedly to the always-open arms of inanity.

  5. “It makes me hate the Apple I’m writing this on.”

    well don’t worry, Ritchie, because in the grand commuist utopia you yearn for, you won’t be allowed to keep it.

    Because any communist dictator bright enough to scrabble to the top of Ritchie’s sh*t-heap will at least be bright enough to lock him away before they do anything else. In the extremely unlikely event of his ‘Courageous State” being realised, he would become the fastest and most amusing victim of the failure of Kip’s Law ever.

  6. Its a new field of economics:

    Headline economics

    You can say what you like provided it causes maximum impact.
    It doesn’t have to bear any relation to reality
    You can be wrong even and you NEVER, EVER have to apologise.

  7. Dennis The Peasant

    Gee, Ritchie can’t read a financial report… nobody saw that coming, now did they.

    And the idea that “even the IRS can’t find out what’s going on in Nevada” is bullshit, pure and simple.

  8. thought…we could send the Murphmeister to Nevada and see if he manages to locate Reno and Las Vegas…..and what he has to say about those socialist paradises.

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