Seeing as you lot know everything: so, what about packaging lines then?

Assuming that we ever get to go do this German project we\’ll be producing 1,000 tonnes a month of clean, washed, quartz sand.

My very limited look around the web suggests that this goes for €10 a tonne in Germany. Absolutely no transport charges included at all.

It also appears that packaging it up increases the price significantly. 1 tonne big bags, 500 kg big bags and then 25 kg retail bags.

Which leads to hte question, well, how difficult, how expensive, is packaging?

At 1,000 tonnes a month, 20 day working month, 10 hour days (all about right) that\’s 5 tonnes an hour to package.

In the 1 tonne or 500 kg big bags that\’s simple enough. A hopper and a bloke does it. But 25 kg bags, now we\’re trying to do 200 an hour. That\’s obviously got to be mechanised.

But how mechanised? Are we talking about a common and inexpensive piece of kit here? £10k\’s worth? 50k?

Or is this a serious and big piece of kit, 250k worth?

Sort of thing that can be rented, leased? Do people run centres that you pay them to package your goods in?

Anyone actually know this field at all?

6 thoughts on “Seeing as you lot know everything: so, what about packaging lines then?”

  1. I know a little bit about automated production machinery, and I expect a machine to fill sandbags would cost in the order of £50-100k, no more, perhaps as little as £30k. But you’d likely need a bloke to fill the hopper by hand.

  2. @Bloke in Spain

    Maybe my browsers fucked but that animation looks like what I remember of most Friday nights.

  3. Are you sure you’re asking the right question, Tim?
    1,ooo tonnes a month is about one truckload per day, i.e. peanuts. Have you missed any noughts out?

    Tim adds: No, not missed a zero. This is is indeed a small scale operation.

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