Seems obvious enough

First, as the opening essay, written in 1951, shows, Milton got more radical with age. He saw a bigger role for government then than he did in, say, 2000.

The more experience you get with what government actually does the less you\’re going to want government to do anything.

3 thoughts on “Seems obvious enough”

  1. Or at least, to do the jobs we pay them for.

    Instead of the police turning a blind eye to Muslim paedophile gangs who prey on white children. Or social services offering Urdu lessons to a little English girl who had been raped by Muslims.

    But it’s OK. No need to wonder how many other towns other than Rochdale, Oxford, Burnley, and who knows how many other places this thing was going on – the important thing is the press keeps talking about Jimmy Savile. Because what a pervert DJ did 30 or 40 years ago is of more significance than the rape jihad going on today and our own authorities being complicit in it.

    So we have imported paedophile rings – some of them are even here at our expense as welfare recipients and “asylum seekers” – who prey on little British girls, and the police and social services knew this was going on for more than 10 years but did nothing.

    And our media and politicians were palpably desperate not to talk about it. As soon as the opportunity arose to bury the subject, they did.

    What kind of a sick society are we?

  2. Steve

    Remember Victoria Climbie or Baby P – it took months, years and millions of pounds to bring one shred of accountability for the deaths of two small children from the Social Services departments. But all those accused did the dutiful form – filling, box ticking and politically correct ‘anti – racist’ policy was followed to the letter.

    The problem is that from their perspective they have done nothing wrong, and according to a close relative who consulted with Richard J Murphy on the ‘Courageous State’ and possesses a Double First from Oxford, the jobs they were doing we’re ‘socially useful’ and ‘well done’ – when someone of evident intelligence has such a perspective you have to ask if there is any hope for the UK other than violent revolution and a jackbooted neo- collectivist regime.

  3. other than violent revolution and a jackbooted neo- collectivist regime.

    Hmmm. And / or confusion there, I hope.

    We’re merely drifting into the statist-collective (assisted by the ever-expanding acquis). From where a violent revolution might be necessary.

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