Should be simple enough to find and stop him

Murder committed every ten days by criminal on bail

And being more serious.

Holding someone on remand is taking away their liberty without a trial. It\’s therefore something done only when there is good evidence of flight risk or of the possibility of nobbling witnesses.

That 4 or 5 % of murders in the country are committed by those on bail reflects rather that a decent chunk of the criminal population are on bail at any one moment. Caught for something an awaiting trial.

The easiest way to reduce this particular number might well be to reduce the gap between arrest and or charging and actual trial. You know, speed up the court system?

2 thoughts on “Should be simple enough to find and stop him”

  1. What an appaling article. Aside from your point, there are no ‘criminals’ on bail , since by definition they’ve not been convicted yet. And they certainly aren’t ‘at large’.

    Bail cannot help to ‘reduce the prison population’, the Civitas quote is frankly frightening, banging on about incomplete data does not justify the scaremongering about the true figure perhaps being higher (especially if you then explain that it just doesn’t record the charges under which the accused is bailed).

    I need to go have a bit of a lie down…

  2. So Much for Subtlety

    It is more complicated than that. Some of our legal friends have deliberately followed the America fashion and become neutral. So you don’t know if a thrice-convicted rapist might re-offend if out on bail. That would be judgemental. So you do not refuse such people bail.

    Even among those not taken up with leftist idiocies, there are clearly a lot that are simply not doing their job properly. Why should someone with a long string of offenses and known problems with bail be granted bail?

    One individual was given bail despite having 382 previous convictions and cautions, including 125 of failing to surrender to bail.

    I mean, seriously? This sort of incompetence ought to be a sackable offense.

    That doesn’t mean no one should be given bail, and it doesn’t mean people given bail will never commit crimes. But it does point to a previous point I have made – the legal system does not work for the majority of British people and is not on our side. It should be fixed.

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