Someone else rags on Ritchie

I\’m glad that Richard Murphy isn\’t a chartered accountant or some other profession that requires basic numeracy…

2 thoughts on “Someone else rags on Ritchie”

  1. Great stuff by Hopper

    Coherent, accurate and simple enough for even me to understand.

    Mr. Murphy, rumbling you is no longer limited to a few freaks. There are now a lot of us freaks that have rumbled you.

    The problem is his fixation on a desired end result: a particular type of society, that just ain’t gonna be..

    Everything has to fit even when it manifestly doesn’t.

    We all mess up once in while. This sort of stuff is becoming serial.

  2. Let’s hope there’s not a two year chain of emails ((c) JohnB) between Facebook and their lawyers discussing this, or else Paul B and JohnB will be vewy angwy indeed 🙂

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