Talking about butlers

Are you being served? The return of the British butler

Traditional manservants are very much in demand – but not by the landed gentry

Look, if you\’re going to talk about the servants couldn\’t you at least distinguish between the butler and the valet?

The butler is the manager of the servants. The valet or manservant is the equivalent of the ladies maid for the man of the house.

11 thoughts on “Talking about butlers”

  1. For God’s sake, I thought the whole country knew the valet’s in jail and the butler’s still at large!

  2. ‘equivalent of the ladies maid’ – how sexist , how socialist.
    The valet was often a confidant and had many other qualities not found in hired gossips.
    Such is the decline of Britain.

  3. Honestly, I really don’t see the need for a valet in this day and age. A staff of no more than two or three (not counting the housekeeper, obviously) should be ample for inside the house.

  4. You’d think, what with the almost inexplicable continuing* popularity of Downton Abbey, that people would know this shit.

    *’continuing’ being the operative word. Even I quite liked the first series, which might as well have been a different program altogether.

  5. Tim, it seems you have written a post that DBC Reed has no interest in. In future, could you ensure that all of your posts are of interest to him?

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