The complete Brad Delong argument

Indeed. If you let the congressional majority do dynamic scoring, then because each successive majority builds its own assumptions about what is good for the economy into its model-building, you get a strong drift over time toward larger and larger deficits. The ban on dynamic scoring is a way of eliminating that destructive dynamic.

The reason we cannot let the politicians tell the truth about the effects of taxes is because politicians are lying bastards who would lie about the effects of taxes.

3 thoughts on “The complete Brad Delong argument”

  1. I notice that DeLong has decided that dynamic scoring is a problem at a point in time when the House is the hands of the Republicans and the Presidency and Senate are starting to slip from the Democrats… I don’t remember dynamic scoring being on DeLong’s radar back when the Democrats had the Presidency, Senate and House under their control.

    Funny how that works with Brad, isn’t it…

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