The Guardian doesn\’t quite get titles, does it?

He is married to the daughter of Viscount Matthew Ridley, linking him both to eight generations of Tory MPs and the prominent climate change sceptic Matt Ridley, his brother-in-law.

The Ridley\’s
are a little difficult as they all seem to be called Matthew White Ridley.

But one is never \”Viscount Matthew Ridley\”. One might be Matthew, Viscount Ridley though.

But the best way of detailing this relationaship would be…..he is married to the daughter of Matthew, the 4 th Viscount Ridley, his brother in law is thus Matthew, the 5th Viscount Ridley, or as he is better knon, Matt Ridley the prominent….

And Ridley\’s not a prominent climate sceptic at all. He\’s sceptical about how great the damage might be a compared to some estimates and positively fulminating with rage at the costs of what we are being forced to do about it. But that isn\’t scepticism about climate change.

6 thoughts on “The Guardian doesn\’t quite get titles, does it?”

  1. Tim
    If you’re writing a piece on how to refer to the Ridleys, I’d avoid saying the “Ridley’s”.
    (By the way, love your work etc)

    Tim adds: How true! Muphry’s Law strikes again! (Any complaint about grammar or spelling will contain errors greater than those being complained of).

  2. The Ridleys seem not to get what names are for. Like George Foreman. And I suppose the Guardian made its mistake because it really doesn’t care what the prescribed way is to acknowledge the awarding of a hereditary title to someone’s great grandfather.

    I think Matt Ridley would be content to be described as a climate sceptic – see his RSA lecture.

  3. I know the Grauniad is having to sack its staff because it’s losing so much money but they do retain an expensive resource who could set them straight on these sorts of errors. I refer, of course, to the granddaughter of Lady Mary Henrietta Howard and great grandaughter of the 9th Earl of Carlisle: yes, Polly herself.

    Old Etonian, the Hon. Sir Jonathon Espie Porritt, 2nd Baronet, could also lend a hand when he drops in one of his Comment is Free pieces.

  4. Anecdata alert. Can’t remember why I think this, but isn’t a journalistic in-joke to get titles wrong, just see if the titled one is pompous enough to write saying “I’m not viscount John Smith, but John, viscount smith.”

  5. If they had read their wikipedia (source of most journo’s) they would have seen that he is married to Rose, daughted of Matthew Ridley, 4th Viscount Ridley. They might not have noted that he has in fact died and that Matt Ridley is now the 5th Viscount. Surprisingly really for that would enable the Guardian to dismiss all of Matt’s extremely well argued and thoughtful comments on the destructive lunacy of the windfarmists (that the Guardian believe we all support) as being the ramblings of ‘a toff’

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