The Guardian is so cruel….

So they want someone to talk about Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

So they find a Big Fat Gypsy Woman to do so.

A quite striking woman but on that Evans end of dress sizes.

6 thoughts on “The Guardian is so cruel….”

  1. Striking? Depends on what you mean:

    1. Yes. Wouldn’t want to get a left hook from that.

    2. NO! Wouldn’t touch her with your bargepole. Seriously? No decent opticians in your bit of the Algarve?

    Tim adds: No, I do mean “striking” in the conventional sense. A lovely shape to the face, quite stunning eyes. A very attractive woman.

    Who shops at the Evans end of the size range. That last part being obviously a matter of taste as to whether one finds her attractive. A good looking large woman.

    Come along now, this is entirely the facial pic of a honey.

  2. “I’d love to see something about the different Traveller groups that focuses more on the skills, artistic side, artists, musicians, the community aspect. “

    Or so says our “striking” journalist.

    I’d prefer to see something that deals with the things that actually matter, rather than some complete nonsense (some travellers are artistic? Really – I’d never have guessed!) So take the stereotypes – gypsies and travellers don’t pay taxes, set up hostile camps on other people’s land, trash the place and are a load of petty thieves. How true are they? Do travelling tarmac layers evade taxes more than white van man? Let’s do a forensic cashflow analysis on a dozen travelling families and a dozen settled families. How does the incidence of “problem” traveller camps compare to the incidence of problem housing estates? etc. etc.

  3. I thought ‘striking’ was rather tactful. My mother would describe her as someone whose anorexia is well under control. I’ve heard it referred to as semi-bulimia – has the binge-eating down pat.

  4. Sam>

    I think the point there is that if you don’t demonise travellers, but in fact show them as normal people, then those prejudices you mention become obviously daft and there’s no need to highlight their fallacy. Just like everyone else, travellers respond to the incentives they’re given.

  5. “Wouldn’t touch her with your bargepole” … you might be surprised (if you got the chance) – she looks friendly and fun, which is important. Probably wears nice undies too.

  6. Well, exactly how”gypsy” is this woman? I note the Guardian typically hedges its bets: “Roxy Freeman, a journalist who grew up in a Gypsy community”. Errr, OK, but that doesn’t exactly make her a gypsy. Does she tell fortunes?Can she spin at Waltzer on the move? I think we should be told.

    Or is she gypsy in the same sense that blonde blue-eyed Elizabeth Warren, the 32nd-part Cherokee, is American-Indian, just because she asserts she is?

    Actually, looking at her, I don’t think there’s a drop of Romany in her at all. For one thing she doesn’t seem to be flogging copy of The Big Issue.

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