These Tax Justice Network Chappies Do Themselves Very Well, Don\’t They?

Via, their accounts.

They\’ve four employees and including directors\’ fees they seem to get around £50k each. They certainly swallow near £200k.

That\’s not including doing any research of course. That\’s all in the other £200k they spend elsewhere on getting the research done. Be interesting to know how much of that goes to Ritchie and Nickie and Johnny really.

Oh, and this is just great:

TheUKeditionolTreasurelslondswaslaunchedinJanuary20lL, TheUSeditionwaslaunchedinApril 2011,and
theGermanlanguageeditioninNovember20ll. ln20l2weanticipatelaunchesofeditionsinthefollowing
languages: Czech,Chinese,Finnish,French,ltalian,lapanese,Korean,Russian,Spanish. NicholasShaxsondevoted
much of his time in 2011 to researching new materials for these different language editions and revising the first
English language edition for release as a paperback in January 2012 (published by Viking, a Random House imprint).
The dlrectors congratulate Nick on the remarkable critical and sales success earned by lreosurc lslonds.

Now Shaxson is one of those four employees sharing in that near £200k. He\’s living in Zurich so it won\’t be tiny share of it either, not if he\’s going to eat while there.

But here\’s the thing. He\’s spent most of the year (their words) revising a book which has had remarkable sales success. We might even think that he spent the previous year writing it on their dime too.

And yet, and yet, looking at the accounts there doesn\’t seem to be any recognition of the income from that book. The advance (yes, Viking would have paid one) or royalties. So, Shaxson gets £40k a year or whatever to write a book and he also gets the money from the sales of the book?

Blimey, where I can I find a deal as cushy as that?

Oh, and yes, this is all paid for from \”charitable\” or taxpayer funds.

5 thoughts on “These Tax Justice Network Chappies Do Themselves Very Well, Don\’t They?”

  1. Living in Zurich, is he? Given he’s writing books for a British publisher, sold in the UK and working for a UK-based organisation, I do so hope he’s making sure his global earnings are taxed at UK rates (net of Swiss taxes).

    The multilingual profile he looks set to achieve will make keeping the relevant tax authorities a full-time job in itself.

  2. According to Novelrank the book sold approximately 2,600 copies on Amazon last year. As a rough guide double that for total sales. Given the fact that the book was published in the same year as the accounts they probably received only one 6 monthly income statement in the accounting period. This suggests to me that the reason there’s no book income in the accounts is that the advance hasn’t been paid back yet.

    My guess is it read something like this:

    Sales in period: 4,000
    Royalties due: £3,200
    Advance: (£5,000)
    Net due to Author: (£1,800)

  3. Oh and if the NovelRank stats are to be believed don’t go looking for a big number in the 2012 accounts. sales Feb 2011: 583 copies sales Dec 2011: 99 copies sales Sep 2012: 7 copies

    Not a “fat tail” book by the looks of things.

  4. £27K to run a poxy website?!! Either he’s chosen the crapiest hosting company that is charging him extortionate fees for data or he’s paying a web manager over £20K. Or he’s milking it for his own good, but he’s a Christian so would never lie, cheat, do things purely for marketing purposes, etc.

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