This is interesting

Scottish state schools now perform worse than their English counterparts, and the average wait for treatment in Welsh hospitals is twice that in England.

So that Welsh thing of not bringing the market into the NHS has worked out well then, eh?

3 thoughts on “This is interesting”

  1. Wales is the unreconstructed case so we can see the benefit of the changes in England. Its the control group, so when lefties march against the reforms in the NHS/schools we can show what would have happened if they got their way.

    I speak as one who lives in Wales and I hope I don’t get ill.

  2. Not just the NHS. A week or so back, a cow escaped from a market so they sent out the anti-terror bunch all H&Kd up to make the poor bloody thing eat lead.

    Makes you wonder if there’s any truth in the theory that mass emigration drains the gene pool.

    (My father came from Wales)

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