This Ryder Cup win is appalling

For, in 3…2…1….we\’re going to have some cunt of an EU apologist claiming that this just shows how Europe can take on the world if it is united.

8 thoughts on “This Ryder Cup win is appalling”

  1. Denis MacShane was tweeting that the Ryder Cup was a nightmare for UKIP/eurosceptic Tories last night.

    Tim adds: Thus, quite spectacularly, proving my point correct in each and every detail.

  2. For most people, I would assume they’re being a bit tongue in cheek. But then I remember that this is McShane we’re talking about…

    Is he in jail yet?

  3. I am mortified, all of my sound arguments about the lack of accountability in the EU, about unnecessary regulation, about destroying cultural diversity in the name of harmonisation, complaints of being deaf to the public’s needs and wishes, worries about the ratchet effect of ever closer union, concern for the poor citizens of Greece and elsewhere, sacrificed on the alter of EU arrogance……………..

    ………..All completely made irrelevant by a game of golf. Life is so cruel.

  4. Something tells me that if the Ryder Cup team were organised on the same basis as the EU (the Germans and the Brits pay for most of it, while the rest get a nice fat cheque at the end of the tournament) it might not be so successful.

  5. Jim>

    But, on the other hand, if the EU was organised like the Ryder Cup team, we might all be a lot happier with it.

  6. Of all the stupid things to indulge in (supra)nationalistic willy-waving about, something as utterly fucking pointless as golf must be the ne plus ultra.

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