This sounds like it would be a very good idea indeed

Union boss: Coalition free schools \’risk fuelling fascism\’
A teaching union leader was criticised today after claiming that Coalition education reforms risked fuelling “organised fascist activities” in schools.

And why not? There\’s certainly nothing stopping people from teaching the little darlin\’s about the joys of communism, that other murderous ideology of the 20 th century, is there?

And we do believe in rationality, the ability of the populace to appreciate, consider and choose between political ideologies. That\’s why we have elections.

So we should indeed allow fascism to be taught in schools, just as we allow other political ideologies to be taught. After all, it would be anti-democratic not to, wouldn\’t it?

7 thoughts on “This sounds like it would be a very good idea indeed”

  1. The National Curriculum was pretty clear on the non-joys of communism: purges, massacres, Red Army conditions and casualty rates, general wickedness of Stalin all played major roles in the GCSE History paper.

    So, erm, no. I’d rather we had no schools with communist, fascist, Catholic or Islamic curricula.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    The Teachers’ Unions are the only ones controlled by the Socialist Workers Party. Although they tend to be restricted to those covering University academics.

    They clearly don’t want the competition.

  3. ‘Fascist’ is often thrown around as a label by those who have no clue what it means. Just ‘different from what I want’ seems to be a common definition.

  4. Funny how the unions call it “fascism” rather than “national socialism” isn’t it?

    That would be “one nation(al) socialism”

  5. An important element in fascism is suppression of free speech, as in killing the cartoonists, authors and film producers you don’t like. Oops. I forgot – fascism perpetrated by people with brown faces is more or less OK. Fascism perpetrated by people with white faces is not OK. Hope I got that right.

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