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A problem for the happiness economists. If more than £10k a year doesn\’t make you any happier, a central claim of this happiness economics, then clearly no one should receive any more from the welfare state than the amount necessary to top their income up to £10k a year.

For they won\’t be made any happier by getting any more, will they?

Indeed, we could make the population maximally happy simply by having a £10k a year citizens\’ basic income and entirely abolishing the rest of the welfare state altogether. That abolition including the NHS, state financed education and the rest.

It\’s really either or. Either this is true, for more than £10k doesn\’t make you happier, or more than £10k does make you happier in which case the central theory is wrong.

That the happiness gurus never do applaud capping benefits at £10k per head rather shows what they really believe…..

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  1. I thought the happiness argument was also about inequality. So the people earning just 10K per year in benefits will only be happy if confiscatory taxes reduce everyone else’s income to 10K also.

    I don’t think it’s true, BTW.

  2. The theory is that above some per capita GDP level, happiness is not significantly correlated with economic growth. You’ll note that the very first words of the abstract are:

    Today, as in the past, within a country at a given time those with higher incomes are, on
    average, happier.

    Eastlerin does not in fact specify a minimum income level. But if you’re offering to increase jobseeker’s allowance (currently £71 per week for over 25s) to £192 per week, with an extra £192 for a partner and for each child, you’ll find many happy takers.

  3. Who gives a rat’s arse about “happiness”. If you had asked a medieval peasant about happiness he would have wanted enough (poor quality) food to fill his belly, no armies coming over the hill to destroy him and to live to the ripe old age of 40. Why should the aspiration of humanity be limited by the masses without vision. Let us rise to the stars not quible about peanuts.

  4. I think they’re talking about £10K of pocket money. It’s always a give with such people that all essentials (and all responsibility) rests with the State and only with the State.

    How does it go? Oh yes: “Tutto nello Stato, niente al di fuori dello Stato, nulla contro lo Stato”

  5. @ Andrew Duffin
    No, they are actually talking about GDP/head (although that would be £15.5k in current money). The idea is that you are just as happy going to a Youth Hostel for your holiday as the Riviera.

  6. No–the idea they (the green scum) are peddling is that we have reached a point where no more economic development is needed so we should all be happy with our “sustainable” life.

    To the stars and bollocks to their sustainable stagnant living death.

    “Let me remind you of a musicians truism–When you stop going up, you start going down”-Jack Vance

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