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So as to Zero Hedge’s insistence that we don’t know anything about what Apple is doing with Apple’s cash I think we can refute that. For of course the company, Braeburn, that Apple uses to manage said cash is a subsidiary of Apple. And thus appears, consolidated, in Apple’s accounts. So if we want to know what Braeburn is doing we should go and read Apple’s accounts.

And as to the tax accountant telling us that not even the IRS knows what’s happening in Nevada. Apple does file with the IRS so it’s rather likely that they do get this information. If not, of course they can just read Apple’s accounts like the rest of us. Because that is where you expect to see a corporation’s accounting for its cash: in the accounts.

4 thoughts on “Timmy elsewhere”

  1. Facts just get in the way of propaganda so it is best to ignore them (especially if you want to distract from Ed millionaireband’s disagreement with his fat cat union funders)

  2. Dennis The Peasant

    The author of the post, one “Tyler Durden”, is one of the left-wing blogosphere’s D-listers, which I’m sure comes as a shock to readers.

    Mr. Durden clearly doesn’t understand what a hedge fund actually is, clearly doesn’t understand tax law, and quite clearly doesn’t understand SEC report requirements for publicly held companies.

    And, much like dear old Ritchie, he can’t seem to come to grips with the concept of “tax avoidance”… The minute you hear someone prattling on about the “unfairness” of a taxpayer engaging in perfectly legal tax minimization strategies, you know you’re dealing with a moron.

  3. Zero Hedge is generally not a left-wing blog, but libertarian-leaning, on the whole, albeit with a leftie propensity for hysterical claims about those in power. It’s written by a whole bunch of different (mostly anonymous) people, some of whom know what they’re talking about in regards to the financial world, and some who don’t.

  4. Good work Mr W.

    Trant is absolutely right about ZH, it’s far closer to the Ron Paul/troofer conspiracy fringe of US politics than to anything that could sensibly be described as leftie.

    It is, however, amusing to see crazy libertarians “informing” a post by the UK’s foremost leftie financial fuckwit.

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