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At the ASI.

Well, let\’s face it, they weren\’t going to give the creators of the euro the Economics Prize now, were they?

3 thoughts on “Timmy elsewhere”

  1. No, for two reasons. “They”, for the peace prize, are Norwegians not Swedes. And, of course, the Economics prize ain’t a Nobel Prize at all.

  2. Seriously they might have well, I mean that black dude who killed shitloads of Asians has one for peace…..

  3. Au contraire. In terms of conducting an extended experiment in the face of adversity and gathering scads of data on what happens when you join together nations in wildly varying economic states, it’s been fascinating and very instructive. A Nobel for contribution to economic knowledge seems long overdue. I’d like to see Jacques Delors accepting the prize on behalf of all the Euro governments, the year after the Euro finally collapses and the experiment can be deemed to have finished.
    Of course, if they’d run the experiment concept and its likely impact on the subjects past an ethics committee, it wouldn’t have got to first base…

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