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At the ASI.

The real reason every generation runs out of mineral reserves.

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  1. Very interesting article Tim.
    Is the “extraction horizon” a generational thing or is it just that NPV calculations get a bit silly in the long term so mining companies can’t be sure of their value?

    In the case of minerals where we know that we know that we have more than a generation’s worth, like tellurium, shale gas or (er) scandium, are these minerals always found a) as a byproduct when looking for or mining something else or b) dissolved in the ocean?

    Tim adds: It’s about NPV more than anything else. I would caution though. The points I’ve made are not strictly true. They’re a tendency, not an absolute fact about the world.

  2. Alright Arnald. Give us the benefit of your wisdom. Why isn’t it intellectually sound?
    Genuinely, I for one, am interested

  3. If you’re going to talk about replacing copper, then for maximum effect you should mention what they did on the Manhattan Project. Always raises a laugh.

  4. ZT 5
    No, apparently real. Less a troll than a garden gnome, however. I’m growing quite fond of him.

  5. “Less a troll than a garden gnome,”
    You got it bif! I know the one you mean. Looks like it’s holding a fishing rod, at first glance.

  6. Technology usually outruns depletion.

    Often incremental, better diggers, better transport, better diesel engines, better seismography, better computers etc.

    Experience suggests that most of the stuff we get out of the ground will become ever cheaper into the far future.

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