To the EU?

Riots in Greece, mass demonstrations in Spain, 50 % youth unemployment, mass immiseration of the population and they give them the sodding Peace Prize?

20 thoughts on “To the EU?”

  1. It was already a bit weird after the decisions of previous years, but this ‘takes the biscuit’ to put it mildly.

    Totally discredited

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Is there a phrase for when a bunch of gay men stand around in a circle and pleasure each other?

    They more or less gave it to themselves. The same sort of liberal, unelected, secular undemocratic elites. What fools.

    But then again, what can you say? Any prize given regularly to mass murdering terrorists is worthless and that is before they gave to Obama.

  3. Well, one terrifying thought is that this peace by traditional European standards over the past few centuries, especially if you take into account the wars on their long-term world tour.

  4. If we’re going to give the NPP to something based on the fact it forced Europeans to work together to prevent war, I’d say that the American and Soviet nuclear arsenals are more deserving of it.

  5. W.T.F.F.?

    “The European Union has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for six decades of work in advancing peace in Europe.”

    Here we go again. It’s not the EU that’s kept the (relative) peace, it’s NATO, backed by those evil imperialist septics, and some f*ck-off nuclear warheads … which the peace lobby (a notable number of which are well ensconced on the EU gravy train) has spent the last sixty years trying to dismantle.


    In the early nineties Yugoslavia could have qualified for the prize on very similar grounds, albeit with forty-odd years peace under their belt at that time.

  6. “Write about something interesting instead.”

    If you don’t like what a blogger chooses to write about you should ask for a refund.

  7. It’s the equivalent of the Oscar’s Academy giving some 92 year old actor a ‘Lifetime Achievement’ gong because they know he’s going to drop dead within the year.

  8. ChrisM (#11)

    If even the UK’s leading Stalinist condemns you, surely you know the game is up! However, it does somewhat surprise me, given hs predilection for considerable state activity that he is so against ths award. Once the ‘Courageous State’ is implemented globally, you can be sure we’ll see Prague Springs across every country in the Globe!

  9. Van_Patten

    I suspect his main problem with the EU is that the wrong people are running it.. it is a tool of the Neolibs being used to enrich the few at the expense of the many. If the right people were running it, courageously, then it’d be fine.

    Still… it’s good to know that regardless of whay colour flag flies above the revolution, those bastards will be up against the wall.

  10. Given the past record of PP recipients (BO, this means you), we can confidently expect the Euros to nuke someone PDQ.

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