UK Uncut really are ignorant, aren\’t they?

So Seumas has a rant about unpaid tax.

It\’s the usual Murphybollocks.

In it he approvingly links to this UK Uncut press release:

A report in the Times newspaper (20/09/12) outlined how 533 directors of UK companies have registered addresses in Monaco. Despite vetting by HMRC, the government has still seen fit to award several tax exiles with honours. These include the billionaire Sir Phillip Green- who avoided £285million in capital gains tax in 2005. UK Uncut activists have repeatedly targeted Green by occupying branches of his Arcadia fashion empire.

That £285 million figure was of course calculated by Murphy.

But even he wasn\’t stupid enough to think that it was capital gains tax. It was of course income tax on dividends. Income tax on dividends that we don\’t charge to foreigners living in foreign. We don\’t on BP shares, on WPP shares, so why would we on Arcadia? To Lady Green who is foreign living in foreign?

That there is no case at all in any form of tax law (unless we want to claim that women are merely economic chattels of their husbands, something that Murphy has said the tax system should treat them as) for those dividend payments to be taxed by the UK.

But to actually get the tax allegedly being dodged wrong just shows how ignorant the people in this campaign are, eh?

3 thoughts on “UK Uncut really are ignorant, aren\’t they?”

  1. Given that Sir Phillip Green is neither a billionaire nor a tax exile (his wife is a billionaire, but not a tax exile, because she was not British in the first place), isn’t calling him a tax exile libellous?

  2. The government has enslaved some tax exiles and given them to somebody, along with some honours? To whom? How? Or should it be “rewarded”?

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