Well, it does accord with standard Ryanair practice

Ryanair has been forced to apologise to Italians after a crew member on a flight to the southern city of Bari reportedly described it as the \”the city of the mafia and St Nicholas\” in an on-board announcement.

Which is to fly into an airport in roughly the same country but perhaps 100 miles away from where you actually think you\’re going.

Bari is the regional capital of the region of Puglia, which is the heartland of the Sacra Corona Unita, the least known of Italy\’s four main mafia groups.

Quite. The Mafia are over in Sicily, the N\’Dragheta in Calabria, Camorra in Naples…..so it isn\’t actually true that Bari is a centre of the Mafia. Out by the usual sort of Ryanair margins…..

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