What a shocker over food prices!

Food prices rose by 32% in the UK between 2007 and 2012 compared to 13% in France and Germany.

Yes, can see that. Food is an international market. And the £ devalued against the € in that time period so, yes, UK food prices should have risen, in £, more than they did in €.

In fact, this shouldn\’t be a surprise to anyone at all.

Fruit and vegetable consumption is falling. The lowest 10% of households by income reduced purchases of fruit and vegetables by 20% between 2007 and 2010.

But that is interesting, isn\’t it? Fruit and veg consumption varies with price. That pretty much means the end of organics really. For we really don\’t want to increase the price so that even fewer people get their 5 a day, do we?

6 thoughts on “What a shocker over food prices!”

  1. Would explain the consistently seen correlation between health and fruits & veg – perhaps you don’t actually need your 5 a day, you need the money that tags along with them.

  2. Ah, but in the Courageous State the government will supply everyone below median income with five helpings of fruit and veg *and compel them to eat them*.

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