Which planet is this woman on?

Rehana Azam I don\’t think feminism is dead. As a trade union officer active in the workplace, I\’ve seen the gender pay gap growing significantly over the past decade. So I think there\’s a very real need for [feminism] in the workplaces, for us to fight for equality.

It\’s obviously not this one is it?

5 thoughts on “Which planet is this woman on?”

  1. One day I will set up a company employing only women, and I’ll be able to undercut competitors by 20% (or whatever the pay gap is estimated to be). I can pocket that margin and become very rich indeed.
    The only surprise is that nobody has already tried to do this. Could it be that the gender pay gap doesn’t really exist?

  2. A trade union officer has seen the pay gap increase in a decade. And done what about it?
    Negotiated increased salaries for one gender over the other every year? Perhaps bring same band pay for different work to the same level – oh yes, already done, with union members screaming about their pay cut in the last couple of years.
    So what has this woman done to resolve the problem in her workplace? Banned females from taking time off the males do not (maternity)? Banned people from working part time? Insisted that all staff must go for promotion? What has she done?

  3. “I think there’s a very real need for [feminism] in the workplaces”

    Probably becuase they haven’t acheieved their true goal which is the elimination of men from them…

  4. The gender pay gap among younger workers has indeed increased over the last decade – younger women earn more, on average, than younger men. Look it up. Only when you get past thirty and the career-breaks start impacting on female wage progression do you get average male earnings exceeding average female earnings.
    [Unless, of course, you compare the weekly wages of women working part-time with those of men working full-time including overtime pay – oh dear am I wrong in assuming that one should like with like?}

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