Willy Hutton really is a card isn\’t he?

Branson manages to lobby successfully. For that is my opinion of what\’s happened here. Famous and rich man pulling political strings.

This means that politicians who can be lobbied by rich men should have more power over business.

Well done Willy, well done.

6 thoughts on “Willy Hutton really is a card isn\’t he?”

  1. I don’t think it was a matter of “pulling political strings” in this case. On Virgin Rail’s starting a legal action, Transport had actually to look carefully at how various aspects would stand up in court, including the calculations; and they wouldn’t.
    Why didn’t they notice before? Good question, but we’ll probably never know now (in the absence of a court case).

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Man exercises his democratic and legal rights.

    Will Hutton and the mainstream Left outraged.

    Film at 11.

  3. Sounds like an internal cock up . But Hutton goes overboard. The man who bankrupted the industrial society should be more…

  4. If Branson was really good at lobbying, he would have won the franchise in the first place.

    I think I am with the theory that Branson has good lawyers, they scrutinised the way in which the franchise was awarded, found enough flaws that they felt they could have it overturned, handed it over to the government’s lawyers, who conceded the point without going to court.

  5. A court case on top would have opened the details up and cost more too – much cheaper for the government to concede there is a problem and that civil servants cocked it up. Though the minister in charge of those would surely have looked through the paperwork…?

  6. Martin (#5) said “the minister in charge would surely have looked through the paperwork

    I shouldn’t think so.

    The entire Ministerial scrutiny would have consisted of:
    “Sir Humphrey, just explain it to me in your own words.”
    “A new rail franchise, Minister; First Group clearly made the better bid.”
    “Any risks that I should be aware of, Sir Humphrey?”
    “Richard Branson lost, Minister; he may be vocally upset.”
    “Hmm, and he is good at getting publicity. Are we watertight?”
    “Minister, the front cover shows that it has been signed off by HoD, HoL, HoF, TL, CO and OOTCaA.”
    [or whatever the relevant acronyms are]
    “Thank you Sir Humphrey. Where do I sign?”

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