Yet more Ritchie

a) They\’re legally shifting where they record sales out of the place where they are physically contracted for and supplied or consumed: Google, Amazon, eBay, Facebook and others are all doing this, recording sales in EU tax havens even though the sales were contracted for (in the sense that a UK based sales force did the deals) in the UK to UK clients.

So how come anyone at all thought that Vodafone should pay UK tax on selling phones, in Germany, to Germans?

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  1. You get tumbleweed with this one. In response to the complaints about these companies I always point out the Vodaphone “tax money” was about selling German phones to Germans in German shops in Germany.

    It then goes very quiet.

  2. So what’s the difference between Amazon having a warehouse in Lux and shipping the goods across the stream to the UK on demand with Amazon having a warehouse in the UK where the temporarily store all the products that they regularly sell in the UK to save on transport costs?

    As I understand it, Ritchie seems to want the former, whilst the later is the more cost effective method.

  3. I’m beginning to think these multinational conglomerates have missed a trick here. They should never have used their global brand name on any of the UK companies. Twats like RM see the name ‘Amazon’ and automatically lump it in with the global corporation, and the public do the same. If it was called Retail Logistics (Europe) Ltd it would get far less traction. It doesn’t have same ring to the headline does it – ‘Retail Logistics (Europe)Ltd not paying UK tax on Amazon’s profits’ .

    These arguments are less about facts, and more about massaging perceptions.

  4. I’m a bit confused as to what Murphy and fellow travellers actually want from this campaign. Higher corporate tax rates? Different rules as to what counts as a cost? A siege national economy?

    Even if we had a siege economy with a huge corporate tax rate large companies would arrange themselves to maximise the activity that happens in a low tax country and minimise the activity within a high tax country.

    It seems to me that if his goal is to increase revenue to the UK exchequer at the expense of the Dutch or Irish he should be arguing for lower corporation tax rates.

  5. Bring back the British Empire! Deprive foreign coves of their tax revenue and funnel it all the our Treasury! All of it!

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