You can imagine the catfight over this can\’t you?

Rather than one person making the trip to Norway on Dec. 10, the EU has decided it will send three people – one to represent each of its main institutions: the European Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament.

As a result, Commission President Jose-Manuel Barroso, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and Parliament President Martin Schulz will all fly to Oslo for the ceremony, EU officials said on Wednesday.

It most certainly wasn\’t \”After you Jose\” , \”No, no, I insist, after you Herman\” now was it? And the idea of Martin giving way to anyone in the presence of a camera is just ludicrous.

4 thoughts on “You can imagine the catfight over this can\’t you?”

  1. Farage’s best friends.

    I have no idea of what Nigel is really like, but I will be forever grateful for his pomposity-pricking putdowns of these 3.

    The level of barely disguised hatred they feel for him makes me proud to be British.

  2. Will they all be on the same flight? Or do they have to fly separately in case of one crash we would lose them all, and be oh so much poorer for it.

  3. I suspect the loathsome mr schultz will have to put up with the indignity of travelling first class while the others are in their separate private jets, still I don’t blame them I wouldn’t want to spend any more time in their company than I had to.

    But the pompousness and self regard does rather take the breathaway. They really are all such utter utter cunts.

    A shame the famous mr Breivik will not be around to greet them in his inimitable syle.

  4. I think this is the first time I have heard of Martin Schulz.

    Up till now I though that was what Germans shouted down the toilet when they’ve finally overdone it at the HofBrauHaus.

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