Yup, this is me

Fathers will be able to take time off work and claim state benefits throughout the majority of the first year of their baby’s life if the mother returns to employment.

This will allow the main household earner, if the mother, to return to work after just a fortnight.

Strangely enough.

Years of my banging on about how we don\’t have a gender pay gap, we have a motherhood pay gap, convinced a Lib Dem activist that something should be done about it. She tabled the policy at a Lib Dem policy meeting, it\’s risen up the system and now here it is, to be enacted in law.

I wouldn\’t say it\’s quite the solution I would have chosen (my preferred one would be \”tough luck, children have a cost\”) but we really can trace this back to my blogging.

Influence eh?

5 thoughts on “Yup, this is me”

  1. Well, by penalising penalising young fathers as well as mothers, we might get more of the old crocks into work 🙂


  2. Rupert:

    I puzzled over your repetition until, at last, I realized that you actually meant “by penalizing

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