A Guardian report into offshore

Hope they include their own offshore companies, eh?

10 thoughts on “A Guardian report into offshore”

  1. I haven’t read the article yet, but IIRC it was about the names behind the offshore vehicles. The Scott Trust has it’s individuals documented in the public domain, I’m pretty sure.

    So your problem is?

  2. Is Jesse Hester from Mauritius, named in the linked article, related to Carl Hester, the Sark-based Olympic dressage gold medallist? That would be an interesting story, would it not, if they are related? Can’t be too many Hesters in the world and a link with Sark would be quite a coincidence…..

  3. Thanks, James.
    “the Scott Trust is still going strong … It is now a limited company …”: aye, so it ain’t a Trust, is it?

  4. Don’t worry, phone hacker David Leigh said the Guardian’s financial affairs are 100% legit, so move on wingnuts, nothing to see here!

  5. yawn. The point is that the Ben Owners are published, the Guardian investigation is about how secret the benificiaries really are and what lengths they take to ensure that and for what purpose. If all you can do is repeat ad nauseum something that has been explained before, then that makes you a 4 year old child.

    Well done!

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