And that\’s the way to deal with the servant classes

When I was at Port Eliot Festival, I had a guided tour of the estate\’s kitchens and was told that when one Lord Eliot, for financial reasons, was advised to get rid of his pastry chefs, he went upstairs to think about it, then returned and said \”Fuck that – does a man only deserve a biscuit in the afternoon?\”.

For it is indeed the rich man\’s duty to provide work for the artisan to do.

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  1. I saw this told by Dame Stephen Fry on QI about The Duke Of Devonshire during WW2 – the call-up inspectors visited to see if he could spare any able-bodied men and asked if he really needed two pastry chefs, to which he replied “Dammit, can’t a fellow have a biscuit?”

  2. I suspect most of the stories are apocryphal but here’s my favourite.
    Passing Asprey’s one day he looked in the window.
    “What the devil are they?”
    “They’re silver napkin rings, Andrew.”
    “Napkin rings? Why do people use napkin rings?”
    “Well it saves on laundry bills because you can just roll them up and use them two or three times.”
    “Good God! I never knew such poverty existed!”

  3. Or Hillaire Belloc (? from meory, might be someone else.)
    Lord Finchley tried to mend the electric light.
    And got a shock. And fell down dead.
    And serve him right.
    It is the duty of the Gentleman
    To give employment to the Artisan.

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