California\’s tax collectors

Interesting story.

And yes, someone would go to jail if a private company tried this.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    As whole regions, even countries, start to circle the drain, there will be a lot more of this.

    California has a Third World population and hence the politics to go with it. Naturally they will also have the sort of tax collection that would make the Peronists proud too.

  2. This practice is not unknown in restaurants. With a big, happy party of revellers, an unasked for bottle of house wine is put on the table and consumed, may be two, three…and extra vegetables and bread etc. etc., all billed at the end. Usually the bill is paid, if doubts are raised, sincere apologies and item immediately removed from bill, ‘our mistake’, and so on. If the stuffing has been monumental another bottle of wine may be removed as a gesture of ‘good faith’.
    So, in this case, the tax bill may be waived with the usual grovelling apology for which all bureaucracies are famed. But those who don’t notice will pay.
    The writer must be some kind of conspiracy theorist; personally, I don’t believe that any tax authority could organize anything so complex as a deliberate double billing.

  3. On the assumption that this is plain old error, not conspiracy, my outrage would be at the idea that this is for the taxpayer to sort out. I’m assuming (as I’m not familiar with the organisations in question) that we have a payment made to one branch of government that should have been, but was not, passed on to another. And the system is designed so that the payment should all be made to branch 1, and the appropriate amount passed on.

    Where branch 1 fails to pass on, for any reason, a payment that has been made to it under that arrangement, it should clearly fall to those two branches to investigate and work out what has happened, not the taxpayer. They have fucked up either by failing to pass on the payment, or failing to explain why they have not passed on the payment. Trying to push the administrative burden for figuring all that out onto the taxpayer is inefficient and, well, bloody rude.

  4. wasn’t there someone asserting on this blog, a few weeks ago, that California was a healthy economy? This story suggests that it is imploding.

  5. I think the point was made that there was a difference between the Californian economy (dunno but may be okay) and the Californian State balance sheet (utterly, utterly FUBAR.)

    PaulB, iirc, stated (and I agree with him entirely) that the binding resolution form of participatory democracy, no matter how well it works in Switzerland, is utter lunacy in most cultures (pace de Tocqueville).

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