Diddums Denis, diddums

I am shocked and saddened that the BNP has won its 3 year campaign to destroy my political career as a Labour MP

All the BNP\’s fault eh?

Just so you know I\’ve despised you since the last euro-elections. No, I don\’t mean disliked, been in an opposing party, I mean really and truly despise you.

I was there in the Foreign Press Club meeting when you asked Nigel Farage what his allowances etc were as an MEP. And I watched you that night slime your way through a gross misrepresentation of him and the situation.

Fuck off and good riddance.

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  1. Farage has admitted that he abused the MEP expenses, hasn’t he? Certainly Ukip has a whole has.

    Still having links with anti-semites in the EU is obviously worth it for you, Timbles.

  2. He is just a vile man.

    Hyperpartisan, he seems to relish smearing opponents and a bully.

    I’ve not been this happy about someone’s demise since Johann Hari was busted.

  3. Funny how MacShane was courageous enough to make a fortune out of scamming Parliament and people. . . yet is now so obviously gutless when Parliament and public at long last find out.

    Yup, it’s all the BNP’s fault. They made him profit from his garage, from his unauthorised European jaunts, and from a structured, functioning European organisation that doesn’t actually exist.

    To have been called a liar by the House of Commons is bad enough. To be seen as a self-serving coward by so many outside the House, marginally worse.

    Wonder how long this comment thread will exist before it, like MacShane, falls victim to yet another conspiracy?

  4. Typical neo –Nazi Labour politician. Oops – isn’t the phrase neo-Nazi “offensive”? Well not when you consider this.

    A defining characteristic of Nazism was invading other countries for no good reason. Labour took part in the slaughter of a million Muslims in Iraq for no good reason, while the BNP opposed that war from day 1.

    A second defining characteristic of Nazism is arbitrary arrest. Now a recent survey of politicians done by “Reform Section 5” found that twice as many Labour M.P.s favoured the right to arrest anyone found guilty of issuing an insult as compared to Tory or Lib Dem M.P.s. Click on the “Compres Polling Data” here:


  5. I wouldn’t mind the BNP excuse so much were it not for the fact that when the BNP were making gains on our local council back in 2004-5, the Labour Party ‘machine’, of which MacShane was a part, was about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

    We were actually sent an apparatchik by the regional party to help organise local campaigning against the BNP only to discover, very quickly, that they were nothing more than a complete nuisance due to their obsession with not resorting to ‘negative’ campaigning.

    To put that into context, of the four BNP councillors at the time, one was a Hitler-worshipping conspiracy nut, a second was committing benefit fraud by false claiming to have split up with his wife so she could continue claiming housing benefit without his allowances as a councillor being taken into account and the leader of this motley bunch, who liked to play Mr Laura Norder in the local press, had a son who, when he was sent down, copped to almost 60% of the burglaries in his local area in the 18 months prior to sentencing and ran a pub that was eventually shut down after he refused to turn over CCTV footage to the police of a shooting incident that took place in the bar.

    And we had an asshat from regional office telling the local party that it couldn’t use any of that because it would be ‘negative campaigning’.

    So we sidelined the idiot – I had an off the record chat with a local councillor, who then fed me the relevant dirt and as long as it checked out I either ran it myself or arranged for it to find its way into the local press – and within a couple of years we were back to being a BNP-free zone.

  6. BIS>

    The difference is simple enough: the BNP is a party of neo-Nazis adopting centreish-leftist policies to try and gain a thin veneer of credibility, whilst the Labour Party is a party of centreish-leftists adopting neo-Nazi policies to try and gain a thin veneer of credibility.

    To paraphrase Stigler’s line above, you know the BNP are industrial grade cunts when they manage to be worse than the Labour cunts.

  7. “A defining characteristic of Nazism was invading other countries for no good reason.” The reasons seemed perfectly good to the Nazis. It was evil rather than whimsical, your National Socialist Workers Party.

  8. Where as your “Socialist Workers Party”, apart from being a 3! oxymoron, can’t even manage ‘whimsical’ on a good day. Varying from sad to ‘lock them up for their own sakes, please’ depending on how close they veer to basic competence.

  9. Listening to someone wibbling on about this on the radio this afternoon, I couldn’t decided if his claim was that either
    a) that the BNP made him claim for his garage or
    b) that none if it is his fault, and the BNP have taken over the Standards and Privileges Committee or
    c) that the other 649 of them are all at it too, but the BNP have for some reason singled him out.

    The only thing more bizarre was that as far as I could tell, the BBC interviewer didn’t ask quite what the BNP was to do with any of it.

    Relatedly – isn’t it a delightful fact that the last vote he appears to be likely to participate in as an MP was one where he voted against his principles of a lifetime to cut the EU budget…

  10. It isn’t a claim; it is merely a distraction. If I point at something in the distance and then leg it when my interlocutor turns round I needn’t be pointing at anything specific.

  11. Dear Mr Worstall

    Mr MacShane seems to be a very popular man judging by the message received when I tried to click through on your link:

    Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

    Apache Server at http://www.denismacshane.com Port 80

    He must be an awfully nice man to be so popular.


  12. However, two UKIP MEPs have been jailed for fraud during their terms (out of 18 it’s ever had elected). Which would seem to disqualify the party from lecturing anyone else on the subject.

  13. If any party who has members who have been jailed for fraud is to refrain from lecturing anyone else on the subject, which parties does that leave able to lecture on the matter?

  14. “However, two UKIP MEPs have been jailed for fraud during their terms (out of 18 it’s ever had elected). Which would seem to disqualify the party from lecturing anyone else on the subject.”

    Not knowing anything specific about UKIP MEPs, I don’t trust that kind of statistics so easily – as Stalin is quoted to have said, “there are no innocent, only those who have not been investigated thoroughly enough”. Representing an opposition party may cause even MEPs to be investigated differently from others.

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