How to avoid the tax dodgers in your Christmas shopping

If this is something you feel strongly about, people structuring in order to dodge, however legally, taxes you feel ought to be due then yes, you should indeed boycott them.

For as a consumer in a market economy this is in fact your duty. You are the people that regulate. So make sure that you do:

Avoiding tax dodging companies at Christmas has always been a problem.

In the late 80s and early 90s, the board game Trivial Pursuit was both a popular Christmas present and activity.

In 1985 the Canadian owners of Trivial Pursuit formed a company called Sans Serif in tax haven Barbados to license the game outside North America.

San Serif Print Promotions Limited in the UK became licensee for the UK and Europe and paid royalties back to Barbados.

Eireann Game Manufacturing Limited was formed in tax haven Ireland to manufacture the Trivial Pursuit boards for Europe due to its tax advantages.

The Financial Director of San Serif Print Promotions Limited and the entreprenuer that founded Eireann Game Manufacturing Limited at that time? Richard J Murphy.

Get with the boycott!

7 thoughts on “How to avoid the tax dodgers in your Christmas shopping”

  1. Blue Burmese, you can buy from the small shops selling on amazon. Amazon however will get an income from the entire transaction, both selling price and postal charges.

  2. Generally speaking, I’ve found if you find a company selling it on Amazon, if you Duckduckgo a bit of their text you will find the sellers own website to enable a direct purchase.

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