Interesting little internet problem

The Guardian: won\’t load in Firefox at all.

But will in Chrome.

Been like this for a few days now. Not actually important or anything, just puzzling.

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  1. You should use Opera like I do. Every time they release a new version, random bits of the internets stop working. It adds a certain frisson to the daily grind, wondering which bits of cyberspace will be accessible in version 12.3.2 or whatever.

  2. You must have that special add-in installed. The one that refuses to go to websites which spew crap. It’s called Guardian guardian.

  3. View from the Solent

    Have you tried Fx with extensions disabled?

    Start Fx then
    Help -> Restart with Add-ons Disabled

    Also, check to see what version you are running
    Help – about Firefox

    If it’s 17.0 (issued last week) it might be a cookie problem. Reported by users all over the place.
    I went back to ver 16.1, then decided I’d had enough grief with their constant updates screwing me around and shifted to Fx ESR

    That’s updated with security fixes only, with a roughly annual major release.

  4. If anyone’s interested in the reasons, it’s because, in no particular order:

    – All software is a heaping pile of shite
    – Browsers are even worse than most, working to a widely ignored, badly written standard
    – Web developers have to do their best to develop pages that work on all browsers which have ever existed or will exist in future, but it’s clearly a hopeless task; it’s not even possible to make pages work properly on all three main browsers popular today
    – Given the impossibility of the task, the most popular browsers take priority, and that means Firefox is losing out these days

  5. IanB, why do you use Opera? There must be benefits which make it worthwhile?

    Well, I like to live on the edge, you know.

    Really, I just like the interface. I just wish that they would stop breaking it every time they add a new feature in.

  6. Hmmm can we gleam from this the majority of Guardian readers use internet explorer?

    That would be a fact with some implications!

  7. Just had a mail-chat with one of the contributors to The Commentator & there’s a Firefox problem there as well. Different problem but might indicate the latest Fx distro’s buggy.

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