\’Mercans don\’t understand Brits

The City of London is planning to make a serious upgrade to the street lighting system in Westminster over the next four years.

I don\’t think so really, do you?

13 thoughts on “\’Mercans don\’t understand Brits”

  1. Well, having had to explain on several occasions how the City & the City of Westminster, with the capital ‘C’,’ are & the White City isn’t but they’re all part of the capital city…..

  2. One American financial blog that I visit seems to muddle up The City as a metaphor for the financial biz with the City of London as a unit of government.

  3. BREAKING NEWS: City of London planning a hostile takeover of Westminster. As revealed EXCLUSIVELY in The Verge.

  4. “A lot of people in the UK are a bit hazy …”: it’s hardly news that most people are stupid, ignorant and lazy.

  5. “One American financial blog that I visit seems to muddle up The City as a metaphor for the financial biz with the City of London as a unit of government.”
    Seem to remember that’s not just a colonial misconception. Wasn’t there a retired accountant from Wandsworth, had the same problem a while back? Name escapes me…..

  6. Don’t think its that we don’t understand you (though there is some of that) but more along the lines that we have difficulty keeping straight the rather complicated (even byzantine) system of jurisdictions over there that have evolved over what, a millenium or more, of competition between ambitious and power-hungry peoples.

    You guys have more variants of english spoken within a hundred mile radius of any random point on the isles than we do in our whole country.

  7. To be fair, go to Greater Los Angeles and look at all the incorporated cities and unincorporated places and different counties and the like that make up the metropolis, and London is relatively simple by comparison. In 1850 or so, London was an extraordinarily complex chessboard of tiny and/or overlapping jurisdictions. (My favourite, the Liberty of the Clink, a small area of Southwark that was under the jurisdiction neither of the City of London or the County of Surrey, which became a location for such things as prostitution, bull and bear-baiting, Shakespearean theatre, and other depraved activities that were not allowed in more respectable places).

    The establishment of the Metropolitan Board of Works in 1855 and the subsequent establishment of the County of London in 1889 made governance of London much more uniform and less strange, except for the City of London in the centre, which managed to be allowed to continue to do many things its own way.

  8. I expect that when they say the lights will be more ‘efficient’, this means they will be less bright, like those useless things the EU has insisted we use instead of lightbulbs which actually emit sufficient light to read by.

  9. @ Rob
    Just buy one with the next higher wattage, so if you had a 60watt incandescent bulb, get the “energy-saving” one deemed equivalent to 75 watts

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