My, hasn\’t America grown?

She recalls how together with husband Steve, she hired an RV and drove the 6,000 miles from New York to LA.

Umm. Ahem.

7 thoughts on “My, hasn\’t America grown?”

  1. In an RV, I wouldn’t be going the short way – for that you want a Pontiac GTO & a pocketful of bennies:)

    On Google Maps I worked out the distance from St Louis MO to Portland OR following roughly the route of Lewis & Clarke (hopefully a future excursion), and it came to about 3000 miles. With diversions into the Black Hills SD, Yellowstone, Mt St Helens it’ll rapidly approach 4000 miles. I know it’s not NY->LA but you get the idea.

  2. Tractor Gent:

    Lewis’ expedition carried a ration that included 9 lbs of meat per day per man. For a variety of reasons, they ran out of grub and ate horses and dogs (which were ok) and rabbhit, salmon, and elk (which they didn’t care for).

    Lewis had a slave–a servant to whom he’d promised manumission for many years. When bugged about it by the guy, he reportedly told him: “I just can’t bear to free you–you’re the only friend I’ve got !”

    He ended up a suicide, using two pistols to put bullets through his brain and his heart.

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