On that living wage for Whitehall cleaners

Now he earns £14,500.97 a year

You\’re right, that\’s not a lot.

And on that the bloodsucking vampire leech that is \”The State\” extorts £2,108.27 a year from him.

Until the Living Wage campaigners are willing to get with the program we should simply tell them to fuck off.

If you want to increase the incomes of the working poor then stop taxing them so damn bloody much.

Therefore, until those Living Wage campaigners do start campaigning for lower taxes on the working poor I will continue to tell them to fuck off.

You cunts.

10 thoughts on “On that living wage for Whitehall cleaners”

  1. Why are we importing cleaners from Angola? He could always fuck off back there if it’s such torture to live in the UK (lacking sympathy due to bad mood this morning).

    P.S. The link to the article is busted.

  2. I’ll never understand why those paid for by tax have to in turn pay tax, why not just deduct it at source and save on the administration?

  3. “If you want to increase the incomes of the working poor then stop taxing them so damn bloody much.”

    I’d rather they stopped taxing *everyone* quite so much. Perhaps that’s why increasing personal allowances doesn’t compute for some of these campaigners – the better paid would benefit also.

  4. @ Runcie Balspune

    We don’t want two entirely different pay/tax structures.. one for public sector and one for private. Having public sector bodies run standard PAYE payrolls is really no great hassle compared to the difficulties that would follow from trying to create and manage a differentiated regime.

  5. From conversations that I’ve had with those campaigning for or just in favour of the living wage, there’s an element of making businesses “pay their way”, although sometimes I get the impression that overrides actually getting more money to the lowest paid.
    The reality of paying the living wage is that it has tended to be the local authorities and charities that have taken it upon themselves to lead by example and pay it, something that’s very easy to do when it’s other people’s money.

    Going back to our Angolan cleaner friend, he’s part of the problem as given our rather liberal immigration system we don’t have a shortage of labour and therefore people who will work for low wages. Unless that changes, wages will stay low.

  6. Blue Burmese; I agree that the progressives want companies to pay, that’s because they think that companies are being subsidised through tax credits to the poorly paid.

  7. Hang on, the Angolan cleaner pays only £500 a month in rent, yet lives in south London within a bus ride of Whitehall and has enough space for a wife and kid? He’s obviously in a council flat: even a grotty private rental in Walworth or Peckham would cost at least £1,000 a month. How much more would he complain if he hadn’t already managed to rig the system in his favour once?

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