People never do move just over taxes, do they Ritchie?

Gerard Depardieu has become the latest rich Frenchman to flee his country and the stinging wealth taxes levied by Francois Hollande, the Socialist President of France.

Belgium being a very interesting case. As I think, although am not entirely sure, that investment income is almost entirely tax free.

4 thoughts on “People never do move just over taxes, do they Ritchie?”

  1. I understand that Belgium taxes investment income at the rate of 15%, and that capital gains from shares are entirely tax-free. Its a “tax haven” for people with capital.

    If you work there, then the combination of income tax and social insurance is over 60%.

  2. I have come across the Belgian thing before – at least a few years ago, there was no CGT in Belgium. Not sure about investment income.

    Does anyone have the answer to these questions
    a) Is Belgium full of foreign entrepreneurs/”wealth creators” etc, starting dynamic new businesses in Belgium?

    b) How’s Belgium doing on deficit/debt etc?

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