Polly\’s Right: We should be more like Sweden

Despite its image as a welfare state, Sweden’s central government has little responsibility for public services. Instead, local and regional councils provide health, education and social services in their areas and set their own income taxes to pay for it.

Three quarters of the country’s public services are provided locally, with 80 per cent of the cost raised by the 290 municipalities and 20 county councils. Central government grants, largely involving transfers to support less populated areas, account for only 12 per cent of spending, with the rest raised from fees and rents.

Income taxes average 32 per cent across the country but vary according to where Swedes live. Those earning more than £3,600 a month also pay 20 per cent to the central government, making a marginal tax rate of 55 per cent. Councils do not collect corporate taxes, which go directly to central government.


It\’s a place where local government actually means something. Might be worth importing that idea, eh?

6 thoughts on “Polly\’s Right: We should be more like Sweden”

  1. The guy you quote is minisformed about the tax rates. I live in Sweden and earn well over £3600 a month gross, and approx 60% of it turns up in my bank account after tax.

  2. Local government means that local people decide and pay for the services they need locally. So Cumbria should have a travelling library rather than brick buildings in the only town (OK, there are five or six in an area more than four times the size of Surrey with less than half the population). Also the City of London should not be required to provide a site for travellers [yes, Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey and Kent should, but Romanies do not WANT to live in the City so why set up a campsite costing tens of £millions]
    Tim is in favour because it will mean less central dictation – I should expect Polly to be against for exactly the same reason.

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  4. Still want us to be like Sweden now they have legitimised child marriages for Muslim immigrants? If so Polly, you are disgusting.

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