Ritchie on Heseltine

So Ritchie says Heseltine is right in saying this:

He’s right. Supply side reforms do not work.

And Heseltine is calling for a bonfire of regulations. Which is a supply side* reform of course. For it is reform of the supply side.

Can Ritchie read?

* No, supply side does not mean just lower marginal tax rates. It means reform of the supply side. Privatising BT was a supply side reform, deregulating the airlines was a supply side reform, changing planning permission would be a supply side reform.

2 thoughts on “Ritchie on Heseltine”

  1. A more apt question would be to ask whether Ritchie actually knows what ‘supply side’ means.

  2. Ah, like people go on X factor to tell the world they can’t sing, Ritchie posts to tell the world he doesn’t understand stuff….

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