New data has revealed that 11.3pc of the UK\’s retail space is now standing empty.

In entirely unconnected news internet sales are now some 12% of all retail spending.

4 thoughts on “Surprise!”

  1. Or business rates were jacked up by councils during the consumer boom but haven’t come down when everything went tits up?

  2. I love internet shopping : the widest range of products without having to find and pay for parking and battle for the attention of a shop assistant.

  3. Most small shops are pretty marginal businesses anyway, compared to chains.

    A squeeze between:
    – high rents
    – high business rates
    – national minimum wage
    – increased use of the internet for specialist purchases
    – decline in consumer spending

    …was always going to push a lot of shops into insolvency.

    Unless there is a significant change in the above dynamics, expect to see the high street continue to decline.

  4. Rob, councils only bill and collect business rates and then pass on to a central pot. Everything else is done centrally, including valuation and distribution of the monies collected.

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